Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Asian Eyes' USA - Alabama Look Alike

          I went to school in USA back in the early nineties. I was notified by my university that I had passed my examination and graduated as planned. I was overjoyed and looked forward to getting my certificate. Since the graduation ceremony was not until August the following year for which I had planned not to attend, I turned to have my pictures taken to commensurate my graduation. Tony was due to graduate in 3 months time, so both of us decided to take graduation photos together. I borrowed the graduation gown and mortar hat from our university and we took turns to wear them for photo shots. Armed with our camera we happily snapping away at will, in and outside our university.  I took a lot of pictures - in the gym playing badminton, with lecturer, in lecture hall and just anywhere.
With Dr. Dartt Wagner, my MIS lecturer
 At noon, Tony and I brought the graduate gown over to a picture studio in K-mart ( for a professional photography session. There was a package deal for a 24 shots of which 12 best shots to be chosen from. Tony and I chose that discounted package and the black lady clerk behind the counter took down our particulars and ushered us to a back stage to get ready. I dressed up first, and spent some times posing in front of the camera before Tony's turn.  Since the photo would not be ready by the time I leave America, I asked Tony to select the best 12 pictures and  collect them on my behalf. We both paid up and continued shopping for some foods to take along for a final trip across Mid-West America before I headed home for good. There were 5 of us who went on that journey that took 2 weeks, which I will write about in other blogs entry.
K-Mart had fallen into trouble waters in 
recent times, still in business
 Fast forward a couple of months later in Malaysia, I eagerly waited for Tony's homecoming to get my hand on my graduation photographs. He touched down in April 93 and I paid him a visit 2 weeks later. Boy, I was in for a surprise! It turned out that the K-mart studio which developed my graduation photo did not know there were 2 different persons taking photograph in the same black graduation gown that day. She thought it was only one person, since Tony and I are both Asian, about same height and both wear spectacles. The other thing was we only had one gown that Tony and I took turn to wear for the photo shoot. She could not tell the difference among Asians, resulting in only selecting one person's photographs to be developed. Alas, all the 24 photographs for selection was Tony's. As a result I do not have any professionally taken graduate photograph for the record, only those amateurishly taken by Tony at USA's compound. To rub salt to wound, I did not even get the refund for the blunder. I guessed some Americans find it hard to differentiate Asians, same as some Asians found it hard to differentiate bla Americans too. Tough luck!
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