Friday, July 27, 2012

Asian Eyes' USA - Missouri St Louis

      I went to school in USA back in the early nineties. The 5 of us from Gulf Coast, Alabama, visiting Midwest, drove from Wyoming state to St Louis, Missouri  state, passing Kansas City on the way. We stopped at the famous St. Louis arch and visited a museum in the arch where I took photos with a taxidermy American Bison to make up for the loss opportunity to snap a live one in Badlands. We spent a final night in a Motel 6 in St Louis where all of us bunked into a room.
The famous St Louis arc as backdrop
 As we left St Louis driving towards Memphis, I noticed something on my windscreen that was travelling fast. My first thought it was lighting streak across the sky. I brushed the thought aside until the 'lightning' had traveled nearly half of the windscreen. At a McDonald joint, I stopped the car and went out to look. Lo and behold, I had a small crack on my windscreen, possibly struck by a tiny stone, I guessed. We had the car heater switched on full blast as the winter temperature was in the single digit. The temperature contrast makes the crack longer and longer. Hence what I saw was actually the glass cracking that ran across my windscreen. However, since it was a rental car and covered by insurance, we decided not to anything about it except to reduce the heat in the car. I just prayed that the windscreen will not cracked all the way until it falloff. The crack ran nearly half of the windscreen and stopped. Whew, what a relief!
Line crack on windscreen - I thought it was 
a lightning streak across the sky
Home of Cat King, King of 
Rock N' Roll
At Memphis Pyramid
 At Memphis, again most radio channels blared country music, more often that not, Memphis very own son, Elvis Presley's song. We spent a couple of hours in Graceland and had lunch there. Last brief stop was at the Memphis Pyramid before we headed straight for home. The home stretch journey was uneventful, just some boring drive in Mississippi state's back roads through Jackson and Hattiesburg. We arrived back in Mobile in one piece. After dropping off Wai, Low and Tan, we went back to our apartment to freshen up. Later that night Tony and I dropped off the Subaru rental car to Hertz after I topped up the gas at Shell ( kiosk. At the car rental return, the Hertz attendant jotted down the car speedometer and remarked that we had traveled over 4,000 miles. He did not mentioned nor had I gotten any call from the Hertz regarding the crack windscreen! I guessed it was covered by the insurance. Phew!
The next day, as planned, I flew back to my home country using Northwest Airlines (now bought over by Delta Airlines) and China Airlines ( to Kuala Lumpur via Taipei. Farewell America. It had been sweet memory studying here. 
Farewell America - with Low, Jimmy and Tony
END of my USA adventure 1991 - 1992

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