Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Asian Eyes' China - Shanghai "A" Goods Shopping 1

          My work requires me to travel frequently to China and among my favorite city there is Shanghai. Let me start with my first China's travel tale with shopping in Shanghai. For those who of you who went to China, haggling over prices can sometime be mind boggling and frustrating. Who do not like a bargain? Who likes the feeling of paying RMB300 for a bag, and then as you walk down the the shop, other shopkeeper who saw the bag you were carrying, called out RMB150 for it? Here is a cheat sheet on Shanghai "A" goods (read: copied goods), so that you know where you stand on your price and not get rip off. I got this list from a mutual friend and now would like to give you guys the tips. Happy Shopping and Haggling.

         Part 1 of 2:

Fake Clothes / Bags / Accessories
1)      Sunglasses (e.g. Oakleys) – Initial offer: 100 – 300 RMB. You pay: 10 – 20 RMB. You can find a variety of quality in the sunglasses that you see. Some look to be decent quality, some not so decent. The best quality sunglasses (with “UV Protection”) may run you up to 30 RMB depending on the time of day and vendor, but it may be possible to go down as low as 20 RMB.
2)      Jeans (e.g. Diesel) – Initial offer: 200 – 500 RMB. You pay: 50 – 140 RMB. Like the sunglasses above, the price of jeans will vary based on quality. The best quality fake jeans in Shanghai can be found at 580 Nanjing Rd, where the copies are nearly identical to the real versions. However, if you buy at Qipu Rd, you shouldn’t pay any more than 60 RMB for a pair of jeans. At Science & Technology Museum Metro you should be able to get a pair of jeans for roughly 80 RMB.
3)      Small Scarf – Initial offer: 70 – 100 RMB. You pay: 10 RMB. Any small scarf should run you 10 RMB.
4)      Large Cashmere Scarf – Initial offer: 100 – 200 RMB. You pay: 40 RMB. This is like the large LV scarf that you see at a variety of stands. You may be able to get down to 30 RMB if you are in the right situation.
5)      Casual Shoes (e.g. Converse, Diesel) – Initial offer – 200 – 400 RMB. You pay: 50 – 60 RMB. If there is nothing too fancy about the shoes, you should be able to get them for 50 – 60 RMB after hard bargaining. If this offer doesn’t work, go to similar shops and bump up by 5 RMB each time.
6)      Sports Shoes (e.g. Nike) – Initial offer – 300 – 400 RMB. You pay: 100 RMB. If the shoes are fancy and have quality soles and decoration, the cost may bump up to 100 RMB. 100 RMB should be able to get you any non-work shoes.
7)      Dress Shoes (custom made) – Initial offer: 500 – 800 RMB. You pay: 150 RMB. If 150 RMB doesn’t work, go to the next stall and try 155 RMB. Keep this going until you get the lowest price. No matter what, you should never pay more than 200 RMB for a pair of shoes.
8)      Uggs – Initial offer: 400 – 600 RMB. You pay: 110 RMB. No need to pay full price for your Uggs. 110 RMB should be a solid offer.
9)      Calvin Klein boxer briefs – Initial offer: 20 – 50 RMB. You pay: 6 RMB. The offer may need to be bumped up 1 or 2 RMB, but never go over 10 RMB for these.
10)   Socks – Initial price: 15 RMB / pair. You pay 5 RMB / pair. You may even be able to go lower based on how many socks you buy.
11)   Top Quality Automatic Watches – Initial offer 500 – 2000 RMB. You pay: 120 – 250 RMB. To get the best quality watches, tell the vendor that you want better quality watches when he brings out the first batch of watches. When he brings out the second batch, ask again for better quality. If he can’t bring out better, you have the best quality of watches. You may want to leave this vendor to go to another to see if you can find even better quality watches. When you shop for fake watches, make sure you read original author's guide on negotiation strategies in the fake market and read the comments below on fake watches. Shop to the best of your abilities and be happy with your purchase (just promise me that you won’t spend over 400 RMB, under any circumstances). 

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