Friday, August 3, 2012

Asian Eyes' China, Shanghai - "A" Goods Shopping 2

      A continuation of previous post on cheat sheet on Shanghai "A" good (read: copied goods). Happy Shopping and Haggling.

Part 2 of 2

12)   Woman’s Bag (e.g. Coach, LV) – Initial offer: 300 – 1000 RMB. You pay: 100 RMB. 100 RMB seems to be the sweet spot for bag prices. You may need to pay a bit more, but not much. Use 100 RMB as a starting point for even the best woman’s bags. Because you can find these bags at multiple stalls, don’t waiver from your 100 RMB price at the first stand. If they say no, walk out and try a slightly higher price at the next stand.
13)   Leather Designer Belt – Initial offer: 80 – 150 RMB. You pay: 25 RMB. Depending on the fake market dealer, the quality of the belt, and the location of the store, you may need to pay a bit more. However, start at 25 RMB  for the best of belts and go elsewhere if your offer isn’t accepted.
14)   T-Shirts (e.g. Shanghai shirts, Billabong shirts) – Initial offer: around 100 RMB. You pay: 25 RMB. You likely would hesitate to pay 100 RMB for a plain shirt in your home country. Why pay it in China. 25 RMB is a fair price.
15)   Northface Fleece Jacket – Initial offer: around 400 RMB. You pay: 150 RMB. You may be able to get a little lower depending on the time of day, quality, and location.
16)   Laptop Bag – Initial offer: 300 – 700 RMB. You pay: 60 RMB. Even the best leather bags can be had for well under 100 RMB. Choose the best and offer 60 RMB. If you can’t get it for this price, go to the next stand and offer 65 or 70 RMB.
17)   Northface large backpack  Initial offer: 250 – 400 RMB. You pay: 75 RMB. Make sure all the staps click together and the sewing is correct.
18)   Large 4 Wheel Suitcase (e.g. Samsonite, Swiss Army) – Initial offer: 400 – 800 RMB. You pay: 150 RMB. Again, this price may be too low, but because you can find these vendors everywhere, test out the 150 RMB price and slowly work your way up if you are rejected from the first vendor. There is no way that you should pay more than 200 RMB for the best of suitcases.
19)   Software / DVDs
a) DVDs  -  Initial Price: 15 – 20 RMB. You pay: 5 or 9 RMB. The cost all depends on the quality of the DVD. If it is DVD 9, you should pay 9 RMB. If it is not, pay 5 RMB. You can get a small discount if you buy in bulk.
b) Software – Initial price: 30 – 400 RMB. You pay: 15 RMB. The cost to the dealer to create the software is maybe 10 RMB. Therefore, giving a 5 RMB premium over cost is fair. If you buy software with multiple disks, increase the price by 10 RMB per CD. You may also need to pay a slight premium for software that is hard to find. Don’t get fooled into paying a large premium for expensive products such as Rosetta Stone. Also, be aware that some software may not work for your computer.
20)   iPhone portable charger: Initial price: 150 – 300 RMB. You pay: 40 or 70 RMB. If you buy the 1000 mAh charger, look to pay 40 RMB. If you buy the 1900 mAh charger, look to pay 70 RMB (possibly cheaper). If you are in the United States now, you may opt to simply buy the 1900 mAh charger through Amazon now at under US$14.
21)   Wii, Xbox, and Playstation games – Initial price: 15 – 50 RMB. You pay: 5 – 10 RMB. This is a pretty well established price range for CD video games in Shanghai fake markets. No need to pay more than 10. Wii games usually run at 5 RMB, however other system games may be a bit more. Not all games will work perfectly, but the majority will be fine. Make sure to verify that the games are English games.
22)   Nintendo DS games – Initial price: around 100 RMB. You pay: 20 RMB. Depending on other factors, you may end up paying 25 RMB for your DS games. If so, don’t worry. 

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