Sunday, October 28, 2012

Asian Eyes' USA - Texas Lake Travis

        Oct/5/2012: During the weekdays in Austin I did not have much time to enjoy the local scene except on Friday evening. After work that day, Apple brought  Kevin, Colin, Boon and I to Lake Travis. The attraction here was the restaurants with sunset view overlooking Lake Travis. Yup, the sunset view was beautiful and we happily snapping away until the sun completely disappeared from view. The restaurant's fare here were BBQ meats and home brew beer. We ordered beers, salads, soups, a plate of tortilla dip, moist brisket and 2 racks of ribs. The foods are good, especially the brisket and ribs, but unfortunately we ordered too much ribs for the 5 of us. After we ate our full, we still had 3 boxes of leftovers for supper. Nevertheless Lake Travis was worth the visit. Thank you Apple.
        Here are the photos we took at Lake Travis:

Location: The Oasis, Travis / Burnet counties, northwest of Austin, Texas, USA. 
Coordinates: 30°23′31″N 97°54′24″W
Crowds who gawk at the sunset at Lake Travis
Sunset over Lake Travis as we sat down for dinner at The Oasis.

Nice Baby Rack Rib. We have ordered too much that we have to pack them to take away. 
Locally brew cool beer to go with the BBQ meat - nice
Visitors jostling for the best place to view sunset over Lake Travis, reputed to be the best in whole of Austin.

Moist Beef Brisket, tasted like Char Siew but nicer - tender and juicy. It was one of the best I had.
One for the album. We have jolly good time at Lake Travis

An odd USA map with an enlarged Texas state at Oasis Texan Mall at Lake Travis.

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