Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Asian Eyes' USA - Texas Round Rock

         Oct/1/2012: I just arrived the day before at my hotel in Round Rock, Texas. I was up and about at 4 am but boy, little would I know that my jet lag would last for a whole 1 week before I finally fully recovered. The hotel I stayed in, Homewood Suite, a Hilton hotel, is a very nice 1 bedroom apartment with a King size bed, a living room and a kitchen to boot. I chose it due to proximity to my office and to shops - Walmart, Ross, Home Depot, Payless Shoes and Target; and restaurants - Joe's Crab Shack, Romano Macaroni's Grill, McDonald and Subway, all within walking distance. My hotel  rate came with a full American breakfast in the morning and a light dinner with red/white wine where guests can mingle about in the evening. The breakfast served were typical American breakfast fare like pancake, bacon, potato, scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, dips, cereal, yoghurt  fruits, coffee and juices. After 1 week of American breakfast, I had enough of it that at times I skipped a meal or two. I spend my week days immersed in my work in Round Rock office, waiting eagerly for the weekends to escape to another town. 
          The rest of the days comes and goes very quickly. I had the chance to sample some exotic cuisines - Pho Hoang's Vietnamese Pho, Magiano's Little Italian, County Line BBQ and Salt Lick Steak House. The last time I tasted Pho Hoang's Vietnamese Pho beef noodle was in Jun 2012, but this time it tasted just plain flat. I enquired if the chef had changed hand and was given an affirmative answer. I had crossed out Pho Hoang off my list of restaurant to visit. The Italian food in Magiano's Little Italian was so so, not because it is no good, but it was due to my jet-lag causing a lack of appetite. County Line BBQ and Salt Lick served one of the best BBQ and steak in town. Texas is well known for it's beef steak, and one cannot say they had visited Texas without tasted their famed BBQ and steak respectively. However, on the flip side, since I had tasted the best, it had became a yardstick of all future BBQ and steak meal that I will to come to eat.
        Here are some of pictures I snapped while in Round Rock:
My Hotel in Austin, Homewood Suites by Hilton, off exit 250 of I35N, Round Rock, Texas. 
Location: 2201 South Mays, Round Rock, Texas, 78664, USA. 
Tel: 1-512-271-2750
Ah, nice comfy bed in Homewood Suite after a 24 hours long journey, my home for 2 weeks in Round Rock
Homewood Suite comes with a kitchen, great for family vacation where cooking is allowed. 
Nice American breakfast in Homewood Suite. However it was the same stuff for the next 2 weeks.
Did some light shopping in Target at 121 Louis Henna, Round Rock, TX 78664, USA.
 Pho (Beef noodle) that I had back in Jun in Pho Hoang Vietnamese restaurant. Nah, I skipped it this round. 
Maggiano's Little Italy served nice Spaghetti, Pizza and Panini. We had our team dinner there.
Location: 10910 Domain Dr #100  Austin, TX 78759, USA. 
Tel: +1 512-501-7870

A motorcycle rightfully occupied 1 whole car parking lot, captured outside my office. It has the same right just like a car. 
Salt Lick BBQ, simply marvelous. Here they served barbecue beef, pork, ribs, beans and sausages.
Location: 3350 E Palm Valley Blvd  Round Rock, TX 78665, United States
Tel: +1 512-386-1044
Round Rock has a good Premium Outlet Mall at exit 257 off I35 Round Rock, Texas.

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