Friday, November 16, 2012

Asian Eyes' USA, Texas Port Aransas

Lydia Ann Channel 
Lighthouse, one of 
the more prominent 
landmark in Port Aransas.
              Oct/13/2102: We had a fruitful morning fishing at Bob Hall Pier but since it was too early to check in our hotel in Corpus Christi, we decided to drive over to Port Aransas for lunch. Port Aransas is a small city on Mustang Island, which is located north of Padre Island and is one of the longest barrier islands along the Texas coast. Corpus Christi Bay, the Gulf of Mexico, the Lydia Ann Ship Channel and the Corpus Christi Ship Channel make up the surrounding waters. Port Aransas is a tourist city and famous for its white sandy beach and fishing activities. The famous land mark in Port Aransas is University of Texas Marine Science Institute and Lydia Ann Channel Lighthouse. 
           After driving around the small town, we settled on a restaurant that Terence had eaten before. The restaurant, Beach and Station Street Grill, offered Southern style cuisine like Gumbo, Clam Chowders, Grilled shrimp sald, Po' Poys, crab stuffed shrimp, grouper Ponchantrain and Seabass in garlic and Blackend Red Snapper. There were about 8 tables and half of them were occupied with holiday makers. The restaurant's decoration were pretty sparse but the menu was long and we need help from the waiter to order the good food. We started with half a dozen raw oysters to shared between Terence and I since Stephen do not take them. For the main menu, Terence ordered the Shrimp Gumbo, Stephen had Long John Silver's fish and chips while I settled on flounder and shrimps on rice. It took some half an hours when our main menu arrived. It was a good choice all around.  My fried plate with huge shrimps and huge flounder, all cooked just right. The flounder was a large of fish which had been carefully grilled so they remained extremely moist inside. The shrimps were succulent and juicy. Guess from Stephen's empty plate, I can tell that his fish and chip were just as nice.Terence's cup of Gumbo had a nice spice and was full of sausage, shrimp and crayfish. It was so nice that he encored on a second helping. 
           Having filled our stomachs we headed towards our hotel, Residence Inn Corpus Christi, to take a nap. Along the way we headed to a nearby Walmart to stock up on sinkers, hooks and Apollo hooks, hoping to hook bigger fish in round two of our planned 3 fishing sessions.
        Here are some pictures I took around Port Aransas during our brief journey there:
Port Aransas town is a small town, banking on tourist dollars. It is littered by restaurant, scooter and boat rental shops, budget hotels and local curio shops.

Beach & Station Street Grill restaurant at Port Aransas, a run down no nonsense Cajun style dining restaurant, our choice of place to have lunch.

Terence's Shrimps Gumbo had sausage, shrimp and crayfish, came with bread and cream to taste. It was Terence's maiden taste of Shrimps 
Gumbo and he liked it so much that he went for a second serving.

My grilled flounder fish with jumbo shrimps, came with sauteed vegetables and Uncle Ben's rice on the side. A southern cuisine at its best which was lip smacking good. Just marvelous, bubba.

Stephen's fish and chips ala Long John Silver's style. I was not sure if he said its nice, but he wiped his plate clean.        

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