Friday, January 11, 2013

Asian Eyes' Korea - Black Pork Lunch

Jeju Black pig - the meat are
chewier and nicer compare to
its cousin
           Day 3, Nov/19/2012, 12 noon: Ten minutes away from Teddy Bear museum, we alighted from our bus for lunch at a Korean style restaurant for Korea's famous Black Pork steamboat.The Jeju Black Pig (heukdoeji) is a breed of domestic pig found on the Korean island of Jeju-do. It is a smallish pig with a black skin and smooth coat of hair. It has erect, unfolded, ears and a narrow snout. The Jeju Black is said to have a unique taste quite distinct from other breeds of pig and forms the basis of some well-known local dishes. The pork is smoked over burning hay allowing the smoke to penetrate the meat juices resulting in a flavor quite unlike regular pork and a meat that is somewhat chewier. Until quite recent times, the pig was kept in order to dispose of human waste. They were housed in sties built below the outside latrines where their "food" was directly delivered. This practice was still current in the 1960s but has now given way to more conventional feeding. Some commentators are adamant that this change has adversely affected the taste. 
           One thing about Korea foods are that they are fast to prepare. The cold food can be prepared far in advance and it would not go bad in the cold weather plus the acidic (chili and vinegar) in the Kimchi preserve it. Likewise in warm food like our Black Pork steamboat, once the steamboat is boiling, we can start eating away. The black meats and Kimchi are free flow and they are being accompanied by rice in steel bowl. The meats are succulent and sweet as they had been marinated well in advance with Korean sauces and spices. Cabbage and vermicelli noodle are thrown for bulk and taste. The Kimchi are refreshing and a real appetizer. My kids enjoyed the black pork meat very much and we had a couple of top up of the free flow dish until we cannot take in anymore. All in the meal was consumed in less than an hour and everyone praised how good it was. 
            As I was too busy eating, I forgot to take more pictures during this meal. Here are only a couple I snapped:
Entrance to the Korean restaurant where we have our Black Pork steamboat for lunch
Our steamboat of Black Port meats, cabbage, tofu and vermicelli glass noodle simmering away. It is mouth watering good.
The kimchi that accompanied our Black Pork meats steamboat. We had loads of the  cabbage kimchi and seaweed kimchi but skipped the 
beansprout kimchi. On top of the picture is a steel bowl of rice.
Big M and Mummy M rested after lunch. Note the Tatami style of seating in this restaurant.
Abalone in display in the restaurant. Alas, it was not in our menu. 

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