Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Asian Eyes' Korea - Indoor Glass Art Museum

A giant glass masterpiece 
adorned the entrance to 
Jeju-do Glass Art Museum
          Day 3 - Nov/19/2012, 10.00 am: After Ghost Road and Tangerine farm, we proceed to another museum - Glass Art Museum at Seogwipo city, south of Jeju-do. Jeju Glass Castle is a large glass art theme park with glass arts produced by professional glass artists from such places as Italy, the Czech Republic, and Japan. It was created as a project team consisting of glass specialists over several years. Each entertainment inside the theme park is a subject with glass. Visitors can enjoy the experience of making their own glass products (with an extra fee separate from the entrance fee). 
         Jeju Glass Castle is divided into two sections: indoor modern glass model center and outdoor theme park. Inside the modern glass model center are a large beanstalk from the "Jack & The Beanstalk" fairy tale, a large glass harubang created with Pyrex glass, a Mirror Room that is like a fantasy universe using mirrors and presenting constellations using 5,000 pieces of Pyrex glass, a Magic Mirror Room where visitors can see separated images themselves through mirrors in a triangle-shaped mirrored room, and glass books and bean sprouts made of glasses.  "Ah" and "uh" escaped from our mouth as we wondered from one exhibits to another, taking in the remarkable displays beauty and being astonished at the hard work at the craftsmanship behind each displays. I was lost at the mirror maze, hitting not through passage and had to back tracked many tomes. It feels like the finale scene in Bruce Lee's famous 1973 film "Enter the Dragon", where he fought Shek Kin in a mirror maze.
         Here are the pictures I took at the indoor modern glass model center Glass Art Museum:
Location: 462, Nokchabunjae-ro, Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea. 
 Jeju-do's rocky landscape are dull, black and barren but these decorative glass pieces added to its beauty and transformed the place to the next level.
Glass fishes "swimming" up a waterfall  inside the museum.

Glass Jack and the bean stalk tree, an English Folklore tale, being 
immortalized in the museum.

Anyone lost a "diamond" that is about 20,000 carats? It was lying about at the bottom of the glass "Jack and the bean stalk".

I was lost for sometime in this mirror maze. 
We will need to charter a special flight and hire a dozen of security guards to move this "diamond ring" back home. On second thought we will just 
leave it in the museum for the viewing pleasure of all.

A very nice piece of contemporary alpine houses made entirely of colored glass. 
Beautiful glass fish in a tank
Master craftman blowed and transformed pieces of glass into beautiful eagle and horses.

Diamond peacock strutting his eyes on his tail.

Italy's Venetian glass on display.

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