Friday, January 4, 2013

Asian Eyes' Korea - Outdoor GlassArt Museum

Outdoor theme park items 
are all made of glass 
but no rides available.
       Day 3 - Nov/19/2012, 10.30 am: We continued with our tour of Glass Art Museum to its outdoor theme park. The glass fishes are made from recycled soju (Korean liquor) bottles, thousands of many-sized convex mirrors, a mirror lake consisting of white rocks, a glass pyramid with spectacular colorful night lighting, a large glass coffee set floating on the lake, many colored flower beds made of glasses, a glass fall, and a glass bridge, all made into an outdoor theme park. Each one of them is beautiful and provides a wonderful photo spot for visitors.
         The displays at the outdoor are big, majestic and creative. The most interesting piece, as well as intriguing, are the one way toilets. It is more of the naughty thoughts rather than the practical use that make it interesting. From the outside it looks like a see-through toilet, but from the inside it is a one way view from inside out, and it is a functional toilet to boot. At the souvenir shop area, a glass blowing class and a glass art making are in progress but it is off limit to us. We have to make do by just observing through the glass partition. IN the souvenir shop we have to moved about gingerly, else I will be "richer" with some shrapnel pieces of fragile glass in my pocket.This trip had opened my eyes on the beauty of glass art and the many ways it can be used, as well how we can transform to beauty from something that is so abundant around us - sand. 
          Here are the pictures I took at the outdoor theme park in Glass Art Museum:
Location: 462, Nokchabunjae-ro, Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea. 
Cinderella's pumpkin carriage made of glass
When one think of the story of Cinderella, one would never forgets when the clock struck 12, Cinderella left a shoe made of glass at the top of the stairs as she make her exit from the palace. Here she left more than a shoe, but many many pairs.
A tourist at the museum posed with a bear made entirely of glass beads.
Decorative full grown red glass tree added autumn colors to the museum 
theme park

Glass saguaro cactus does not need water to thrive. Here even the water are made of glass.

Glass pyramid with Chilin at the East corner, and 3 other Chinese mythical beasts at it's West, North and South corners as well.
A saxophone made of glass on display. Other musical instruments made of 
glass being displayed include a drum, a mandolin and a guitar.

Even the stool and table at the cafeteria are also made of glass.
Teacups in the lake gave a feeling of being in "Alice in Wonderland".
Tourists waiting in queue to use the female "glass" toilet.
A cute cartoon outside male "glass" toilet. 
More colorful trees "preparing" for winter at the museum.
One would have trouble in carving this "pumpkin" as decorative item to put outside the house for Halloween.
A fragile Atlas hard at work to lift up the world.

Italian glass artist Pino Signoretto's master piece display.

Soccer players would have big trouble kicking this Adidas' ball very far.
Glass Art museum pay tribute to circus clowns by immortalized them in its finest costume.
Glass items making class in progress. We just viewed from outside the glass partition.
A pair of glass structures did the bowing and good bye greeting at the museum exit gate.  

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