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Asian Eyes' Korea - Nami Island Exit

More photo from Winter 
Sonata in Nami Island.
        Day 4, Nov/20/2012, 4 pm: It was time we  make a U-turn and we headed back to the jetty area for our designated 4.45 pm appointment time as set by Kent. As we retraced back our steps, we saw lots of attraction and master piece that we missed on the way in. We stopped by an eating place to buy some buns. A small bun (pau) here was priced at W3,000 each. Boy, they were expensive! We bought 2 just for curious taste. Well, simply put, the bun back home was nicer. When we arrived at the agreed meeting place, Kent and Jeff were already waiting. Only half of our tour group members had arrived. We gathered around fire place for warmth and then decided to kill some time in a nearby souvenir shop. Everyone arrived on time, and we boarded the ferry at 5 pm to cross the river to our bus. We just huddled inside the ferry's belly as the weather had turned chilly. 15 minutes later we reached the jetty on the other side for our next journey. Next itinerary on the card was dinner time. 
        All in, of all the places I went or going to in Korea, I would rate Nami Island as my top favorite. Unlike other theme parks that we had gone to, there is not a single ride in Nami Island. The attraction here are more of natural beauty scene, posters, pictures, human arts and architectures and sculptures exhibits, and that are what that make Nami island unique. Of course the rise of the popularity of Korean drama wave (Hallyu) played an important part that spring forth Nami Island as a premier getaway romantic vacation place in Korea. It was a pity that we only spend some 2 hours on the island as it had more to offer, more place to explore and more scenery to take in. Here are all the pictures I took as we make our exit and waved goodbye to Nami Island:
Nami Island location: 1024, Bukhangangbyeon-ro, Gapyeong-eup, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
Coordinates: 37.79154°N 127.525435°
Tel: +82-31-580-8114, +82-31-580-8008

Bar-coded bull is tough. They are right on the dot even though it is down?
A colorful bull-drinking-fountain for bird? 
Trishaw, apart form tandem bicycle, is for rent on Nami island. 
A statue of a bookworm? Well, he did not tell me his name.
Statues of tjn man Pinocchios on display. 
"Boo, hoo hoo, someone just lost his head", said a snowman to another peering out of the window. 
Steaming bun (pau) with firewood. They are costly at $3 each for a small one. Phew!
Old tree men doing a conference? I was stumped!
Another bull statue outside a restaurant selling steaks.
A lady selling sausages draw in a big crowd. 
Portraits of long serving Nami Island amusement park's employee being displayed at the island. A clever way to boost long term employee loyalty.
Scenic posters depicting some of South Korea's great views
A butterfly park. Tourists stand in front of it to metamorphosis into a butterfly. 
"Watch it, fluttering butterfly overhead". Held up by steel string, they make howling sound when the wind blows.
Ants, from the movie "Antz"? 
More insect exhibits - a cicada and a paratrooper ant from Star Wars. Ha, ha, me and my imagination.
A scene from a bug's life? Oh god, I watched too much movie.
Shy Korean teenagers warming themselves by the fireplace. As I clicked, they tend to cover their face or simply looked away.

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