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Asian Eyes' Korea - Mushroom Jeongol

Seafood and chicken left 
simmering at the start of 
the mushroom
            Day 5: Nov/21/2012, 12.30 pm: It is lunch time, and this time for lunch we have mushroom Joengol steamboat at a small restaurant which specialized in one. Jeongol is something in-between hot pot (thinly sliced meat and vegetable ingredients are dipped in hot broth) and stew (ingredients are simmered for a long time). Water or stock is added just enough to bring out the flavors of ingredients – usually lots of vegetables in addition to a few main ingredients, which define the name of jeongol from seafood to cow or pig intestines (gopchang) to mushroom.  Its most fun feature is that jeongol is cooked at the table side to be shared with everyone.
           Our mushroom Jeongol starts by sauteed chicken meats and then adding stock. Sliced cabbage leaves are added, along with a variety of mushrooms and other greens. We had many many type of fresh mushrooms - shitake, straw, abalone, oyster, button and enoki mushrooms as feature ingredients.  For the greens, we had scallions, garlic chives and perilla leaves. We also also had a block of tofu and cut to thin slices. Finally for bulk, udon noodles was added to the pot. After a bowl of piping hot mushrooms and udon, we felt all warm and full and happy. As in all Korean jeongol process, the end is always marked with rice. The proprietor reduced the rest of the broth which still have a couple of mushrooms in the pot and added a big handful of finely chopped kimchi.  A bowl of steamed rice then goes in.  Enter eggs, chopped scallions and toasted leaver flakes and finish off with sesame oil, ground pepper and toasted sesame seeds. The end result, every morsel was wiped clean and we came out of the restaurant will full stomach.
           As everyone likes mushroom, we like this Jeongol dish very much as we got to enjoyed the many many types of mushroom in one sitting - Enoki, straw, oyster, abalone and shitake. Here are some pictures I took while busy eating mushroom Jeongol:
The small unassuming restaurant where we had our Jeongol mushroom steamboat for lunch.
A small hotel with windmill motive opposite our restaurant caught my attention. It looks interesting with the windmill.
Kimchi and many type of mushrooms waiting for us. Lets start the steamboat rolling.
Fresh Shitake mushroom also featured in our Jeongol steamboat. As it name indicate, this mushroom was first popularize in Japan, as with many other mushroom as well.
Abalone mushroom - they need to be sliced so that it cook faster. With a little bit of imagination, one can taste the "abalone" meat taste. Well, it looks like one when sliced.
Paddy straw mushroom soaked in yummy soup as it was left simmer in the steamboat. I like them.
Enoki mushroom, yet another mushroom popularize by the Japanese, also known as golden needle mushroom, added to the crunch. This one is Middle M's favorite.

Oyster mushroom, the most cultivated mushroom type, also featured in our mushroom Jeongol.

We had a full stomach coming out from theJeongol mushroom steamboat restaurant.
Souvenir shop below the Jeongol steamboat restaurant. May tourist attractions or tourist restaurants feature souvenir shops.
"Are you guys full yet?", standard Kent's greeting every time we hopped onto the bus to another destination.

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