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Asian Eyes' Korea - Seoraksan Cable car

Langkawi Island cable car ride -
we had similar experience in 

            Day 5, Nov/21/2012, 9.15 am: We arrived at Seoraksan National Park' cable car ride lower station. Kent paid for our fee and we lined up, waiting for the next car that slowly inched towards us. It will be just a half an hour ride from the base to the top, to the foot of Seoraksan. From the upper station, it will be another 15 minutes trek by foot to Ulsanbawi Peak and Daechongbong Peak, which peaks we saw from Del Pino Resort.
          The cable car cabin is a see through cabin and we had a 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding area as our cabin inched up the cable steadily. A cabin can ferries about 70 visitors but that day only our group of 18 plus another 10 other visitors were in it. As we looked up along the cable which the cabins hung from, the scene was not much different from Malaysia's Langkawi Island cable ride. A gust of wind swayed the cabin to and fro, and Mummy M clutched my arm, her face pale as she was afraid of height. Little M and Middle M ooh and ahh at every little movement of the cabin. They played imagination game by naming the rocks as our cabin passed by them and named the rocks to resemble something they thought they look like - Tortoise Rock, Lion Rock, Fish Rock, Buddha Rock, etc, much to the amusement of other tourists in the cabin who also careened out their neck to see and visualized the rocks named by them. Ha, Ha, everyone had a good laugh. 
           As our cable car gets higher, the view of the mountains and the valley became clearer and we can see further and further out to the horizon. Little M pointed out to a temple like structure below us and a big Buddha statue. Jeff, our tour lead mentioned that it will be the next destination after visiting Ulsanbawi Peak. We also heard echoed of Buddhist chanting resonating through the valley, up to the cable car we were in. Finally the upper cable car station came into view and Mummy M started to loosen her grip on my arm.
          Here are some pictures I took during Seoraksan's cable car ride:
Location: Seoraksan-ro, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea.
Finally Seoraksan's cable car lower station came into view after a 10 minutes walk from the entrance.
View of Ulsanbawi Peak from the lower station as  we were approaching to on board a cable car.
An old decommissioned Seoraksan cable car cabin for visitor's viewing.
Kent paid for the cable car ride fee at 9000 won per adult and 6000 won per kid.
While queuing for the next cable car, Middle M updated his facebook status.
"Here comes our car", Little M shouted excitedly. Kid will always be kid.
The cabin jerked and hung precariously from the cable as it left the lower station.
The view when we looked down to the lower station as the cabin inched upward toward upper station.
A nearly dried up river as seen from our cable car cabin.
Other surrounding mountains came into view.
The shadow of our cable car cabin onto the forest below shows the height our cable car had travelled.
A picturesque view of a temple looming down in the valley. It was the Sinheungsa temple, our next destination.
A big Buddha statue come into view, which was also our next destination after this cable car ride.
Finally nearing the top of Ulsanbawi Peak, with thin forest and scrawny trees bare of leaves.

As we stepped out of the cable car, we were ready to ascend this stairs to Ulsanbawi Peak.

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