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Asian Eyes' Korea - Stonehenge at day

England's Stonehenge - an alien
landing docks or Pagan worship
           Day 5, Nov/21/2012, 7 am: We wake up after a peaceful sleep. The sun is shining brightly as we get ready for our breakfast at basement floor of our hotel. The breakfast fare is western and nothing to shout about. After breakfast, we go to the Stonehenge structure in front of our hotel. The Stonehenge structure in day time looks different from night time. Seoraksan, which will be in our itinerary today, is in the background. Ken explains to us the story Soeraksan, which I will write about in the next blog entry.
         Not much was written about this Korea's Stonehenge structure except that it was built in 2012. So, it is still quite a new attraction in Korea. Here is the excerpt of its history as written on the signboard at the Korea's Stonehenge, "Stone circles all over the world are the remains from the era of spanning from the New Stone Age to the Bronze Age. Huge stone are spread in a round shape. Their shape vary from a formation where indigenous rocks are simply spread out to piling up stones whose corners are rounded or soften. There are many remnants of such structure in the Atlantic Ocean area of Europe. Famous one are located in Stonehenge and Evalina in England, Erlanique and Carnac in France. Furthermore, they are also remains in Sine, Saudi Arabia and Iran, in Deccan plateau and Assam in India, Minusinsk in Southern Siberia, Ganshusheng in China, Hokkaido and northeast region of Japan. Considering the methodical arrangement of artificially carved stones based on their detailed geometrical structure, it seems that they were constructed for an important use but what that use was is not clear. There are many theories including some odd opinions that they were the landing docks of aliens spaceships or cattle pens. The most convincing theory is that they were places for religious or astronomical observation. Studies on the shape, reason for use and drying method on the site had been continuing to this date".
        I wonder why anyone would want to build a Stonehenge here! Nevertheless, we had fun taking photograph of the Stonehenge on a bright sunny chilly day. It sure looks very different from night. The water in the surrounding area had frozen and we got to try our luck to become god to walk on water but failed, as we were too heavy to be one. Here are some pictures I took at Del Pino Golf and Resort:
Location: 403-1, Wonam-ri, Toseong-myeon,Gangwon-do, Goseong-gun, Goseong-gun, South Korea
Soeraksan in the background, our next destination for that day.
Small trees all wrapped up in rice stalks, for insects to burrow in the winter and lay eggs. These stalks were later burnt in the spring, thus the eggs will be destroyed, hence protecting the trees.
The history of the Stonehenge being told.
Little M had a field day and did a "Usain Bolt" while posing for picture in front of the Stonehenge
The center monolith as seen in the day. Now I can see the prehistoric motives on it clearly.
One for the family album with 3 Stonehenge structures as the backdrop.
Even though it was still early and cool, the sun had shone brightly and everyone took refuge under a small tree. No respite there, just to take a picture.
A sundial next to the Stonehenge caught my attention. We tried to read the time using the sundial but failed. 
The Stonehenge with Del Pino Resort in the background. 
Middle M did a cool pose under a Stonehenge.
Tourist clicking away against any backdrop with Korean letters will do.
We tried the "walking on water" miracle but the ice was too thin. Before we can stepped on it, it cracked under our weight, so no miracle that day.
One for our family album at Del Pino Resort.

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