Friday, March 1, 2013

Asian Eyes' Korea - Night Stonehenge

UK's Stonehenge
         Day 4, Nov/21/2012, 9.30 pm: After the short trip to Del Pino Resort convenience store, Little M and Mummy M goes back to their room while I took my camera and go out to visit a giant structure outside our resort that we saw when we arrived.
         It was quite chilly, nearing 0 degree but I braced myself against the cold to snap some pictures of the Korea Stonehenge at night, knowing we will leave this place the next morning after breakfast. Ever wonder there is an Stonehenge in Korea? Right before my eyes, the structure are Stonehenge like. Stonehenge, a place where people can heartily run around and appreciate the panorama of Ulsan Rock, the night sky, and star light. This megalith is a man made structure surrounding Del Pino Golf Resort represent Del Pino Resort and pine trees. Del Pino Resort had put up several spotlight that shone against the structure, advertising it for soe ET from outer space??. It is quite a mirror image of the original UK's Stonghenge which I guess this Korea one is copying the design and layout. There is no one around, so I can took my sweet time to snap pictures.        
         Here they are the Korea's Stongehenge pictures at night at Del Pino Resort:
Location: 403-1, Wonam-ri, Toseong-myeon,Gangwon-do, Goseong-gun, Goseong-gun, South Korea
Initially I had a kind of eerie feeling since nobody was around the Stonehenge structure. Maybe they do human sacrifice here?? Gulp.
Monolith with motives painting from prehistoric times adorn the center piece.
A view of the Stonehenge at night with it's outer ring illuminated by spotlight was really a majestic view.
Korea Stonehenge up close and personal. I ran my finger through the textured and I felt the structure are made of concrete.
A better view of the center monolith flanked by 2 horizontal Stonehenge pillars.
The moon against Stonehenge at night makes a good contrast.
A light from the center monolith created an illusion of ET ascending to their UFO ship. Nice!
One final picture of the Stonehenge before I bid adieu and headed back to my room.
"Good night, sleep tight, waking up right, on the morning light", I rhymed to Little M.

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