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Asian Eyes' Korea - Alpensia breakfast

Casino in Alpensia is for 
foreigner only. 
            Day 6, 22/Nov/2012, 8 am: We gathered in the lobby at the designated time to go to the restaurant together in Hilton Hotel itself. The restaurant ambiance is very grand with the walls decorated with skiers in action, after all this is a ski resort. After we were shown our seat, I scouted around to see what are on the menu. There were western and Korean/Chinese fare, all buffet style. On the western corner the menu were scrambled eggs, bacon, baked beans, salad, smoked salmon, salami, breakfast cereal, and breads of all kinds. On the oriental corner there were kimchi, soba, bun, fried noodle, mantao, dim-sum and the dessert corner served assorted fruits like watermelon, oranges, persimmon, apple, banana, grapes, pineapple, pear and papaya and beverages like juices as well as coffer and tea. 
       After walking one round, I started to choose what I like at the western section first. I had eggs with bacon, while Big M took smoked salmon with lemon. Middle M selected sausages, ham and eggs with baked beans while Little M was happy with breakfast cereal. Mummy M only took a few slices of bread and headed to the fruits platter. I had apple juice while the rest had orange juice . Big M did a few extra trip to top up his smoked salmon while I go for dim-sum and bun. Finally I finished off the meal with desserts - papaya, watermelon and a banana. Overall I would rate the food serve here as slight above average, after all this is a 5 star hotel.
           Once full we went to the ski slope for one final look before boarding our bus to our next destination - Everland. Here are some pictures I took during the breakfast at Hilton Hotel in Alpensia Ski Resort in Pyeongchang:
Location: 225-3 Yongsan-Ri Daekwallyeong-Myeon, Pyeongchang-Gun, Pyeongchang, 232-952 South Korea
Coordinates: 37°39′42″N 128°40′47″E / 37.6615917°N 128.679861°E.
Entrance to the buffet restaurant in Holiday Inn Resort
Photographs of skiers adorned the wall in the restaurant. After all this is a ski resort.
Interior decoration of the restaurant is fresh and appetizing.
Assortment of fruits awaiting its customer. This was the first station that Mummy M patronized for his breakfast.
Little M and his bowl of morning star cereal. Funny thing was at home he hardly had any cereal fro breakfast.
Salads course - Korean's section full of......
........Kimchi,and more kimchi
Big M and Middle M enjoying their continental fare of sausage, eggs, broccoli and a glass of orange juice
Big M is big on smoked salmon with a squeeze of lemon. I think he got 3 helpings. Yummy!
House wine on display, but they were not on the menu.
One final look of the ski slope before we bid adieu to Alpensia Ski Resort. Hope to come back here again for the 2018 winter olympic.

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