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Asian Eyes' Korea - Alpensia Ski

Pyeongchang county, located 
on north-east of South Korea
          Day 5: Nov/21/2012, 5.00 pm: We left Uiyaji Wind farm with a loving memory about cheese making and sheep feeding and headed towards our stay for the night in Pyeongchang - The Alpensia Resort which is a ski resort and a tourist attraction. It is located in Daegwallyeong-myeon town in Pyeongchang county. Alpensia has 6 slopes for snow skiing and snowboarding, with runs up to 1.4 km long, for beginners and advanced skiers, and an area reserved for snowboarders. The resort is open year-round. The Alpensia Ski Jumping Stadium is located within the station and will be the location of the ski jumping events of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Alpensia will be the focus of the 2018 Cultural Olympiad, with a new, purpose-built concert hall within the resort. The Alpensia Resort will be the focus of the outdoor sports of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
         We arrived and quickly being showed to our room and got about 1.5 hours to get ready for our dinner at a nearby restaurant. The hotel that we stay in, The Holiday Inn is a 5 star hotel with immaculate rooms. Our hotel also housed a small casino, but it is off limit to Koreans. Only those with foreign passport are allowed to enter. Being a family from tropical country, we were excited at the sight of the snow and within 30 minutes we had freshen up and took the next 1 hour playing with snow outside the hotel at the ski slope while waiting for time for dinner. It has been tripmany year since my family last skiing, so the sight of snow in its whiteness that covers the whole mountain were simply breath taking. The only bad news was the ski slope will only be only open for the season the following day, but it was also the day we leave. Ah well, we just have to make do with playing in the snow until our hand ached due to the cold weather. We stomped all over the ski field, make a couple of snowman, had a couple of snow fights and climb some snow molehills and roll down. Ah Kit and family, Mr Cheng, Jeff and Kent later joined us in the ski field. 
         Here are some pictures I took at Alpensia Ski Resort: 
Location:       225-3 Yongsan-Ri Daekwallyeong-Myeon, Pyeongchang- 
Gun, Pyeongchang, 232-952 South Korea
Coordinates: 37°39′42″N 128°40′47″E / 37.6615917°N 128.679861°E.

The reception foyer at Holiday Inn was full of snow when arrived. We hardly can contain our excitement on seeing snow.
Holiday Inn at Alpensia Ski Resort was our hotel for thenight. This hotel will also be the venue for 2018 Winter Olympic Games that will be held in Alpensia Ski Resort. 
From a far we can see the ski slope inviting us for a go. Alas, the ski slope will not be open until tomorrow, but tomorrow is also the day we leave this place. Too bad.
One for the family album on the ski slope. No ski shoes, just our sport shoes for stomping around.
View of our hotel, The Holiday Inn Resort, as taken from the ski field.
View of the beginner ski slope up close and personal against the waning evening twilight.
The rotating ski lift in the beginner's slope in trial run mode. It lifts skiers to the top of the slope.
A moon sculpture adorned an open area by the ski field captured my eyes, but no info available. 
The ski lift chair in rotating motion. Yes, they functioned alright! Too bad we do not get the chance to sit on them.
Everyone had a jolly good time climb up a fresh snow molehill to start a snow fight. Bazooka time!
Footprint left by Little M on the fresh snow. Deeper indentation meant he was climbing uphill.
Big M took a breather from snow fight by laying down on the snow. However when he soon started to roll down from the snow molehill, and then everyone started to follow suit as well.
Little M rolling down the hill, laughing hysterically. He was having a good time.
An information board explaining the type of slopes available in Alpensia Ski Resort. There are a total of 6 slopes - beginner, intermediate, advance and expert  plus 2 for snowboarding.

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