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Asian Eyes' Korea - European Adventure

Dutch themed attraction in
European Adventure in
Korea Everland
             Day 6, 22/Nov/2012, 1.00 pm: We were at the Yongin Everland, South Korea. After lunch we continued on to the next attraction - the European Adventure. European Adventure has many of its restaurants and buildings with architecture that imitates different European styles. There is a flower garden encircled by a train, games and arcades. A favorite attraction here is the Mystery Mansion in which visitors can shoot at the ghosts. In March 2008, a new ride named "T Express" was added. It is the first roller-coaster in Korea to be constructed out of wood. Little M, Middle M and Kit queued up to take a ride in the T Express while Big M chickened out. The queue was quite long, so we wandered around to take a peep at some of the European architecture design buildings nearby. 
             There is an Alpine building that mimic a village building in Jungfrau Village in Switzerland which front as a ski resort, a cottage lodge made from logs from Austria, an old German building from Bavaria and even the restaurants also are designed according to the regions in Europe. The restaurants also sells ethnic European food as well. Mummy M had a field day taking pictures of herself with the European buildings while waiting for the kids to complete their roller coaster run. We also noticed many flags which we were not familiar with, hung on poles and buildings. They are regional flags from the Alpine countries in German, France, Switzerland, Italy, Holland and Austria. 
            Slightly more that half an hour later, the kids returned from the T Express ride and requested to encore. However since we were short of time we denied them and hurried them out of that area. It was a nice feeling, coupled with the cool weather that one may felt they were really in Europe. Here are some pictures we took in at the European Adventure in Yongin Everland:

Location: Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Coordinates: 37.295632°N 127.203999°E

Mummy M started her journey in European Adventure with the information board that listed out the different types of buildings in the vicinity. 
First stop - A German Alpine house from Bavaria, complete with a clock tower that chimed two times when we were there.
European's regional flags being hung on every corners. However we do not see any European countries' flag being hung up.
Signboard on T Express roller coaster schedule. We have to wait for 40 minutes for the ride to conclude but the kids loved it. 
Restaurants are plenty here, all selling many different kinds of food that one finds in Europe - sausages, pork knuckle, saeurkraut, potatoes etc. The saeurkraut, or sour cabbage is really an acquired taste and not everyone can stomach it. 
T Express roller coaster up close with its imposing wooden structure. It looks menacing indeed and no wonder Big  M chickened out.
Mt. Blanc's Swiss Alps Alpine house, modeled after a building in Jungfrau Village in Switzerland.
Mummy M, Big M and Kit's mom waited outside the T Express roller coaster entrance gate for the kids.

Caricature of penguins and a polar bear seen through the window in one of the European Adventure's building make a very beautiful decoration during the festive season. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Mummy M posed for picture as if to enter this building. Deer antlers adorned the wall, so this is definitely not Santa's home.
Trolley selling a snack called "Peanut Butter Roast Squids". What was that?? We just ate our lunch, so no snack for us yet.

Lovely cuddly teddy bears for sale at European Adventure souvenir shop.

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