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Asian Eyes' Korea - Sheep Frenzy

Uiyaji Wind Village's
              Day 5: Nov/21/2012, 3.30 pm: After the cheese making experience we ventured out to the sheep feeding station just 2 minutes walk away. We passed by an open field which we were being told they were being readied for carrot planting next spring. From a far we saw many woolly sheeps and quite a number if visitors were there already, each with a small scoops that contains feed pallets.
           The sheep's frenzy, or became 'piranha-like' when they saw some one approaching them with some feeds in their hand. They fought, scrambled, bleated, jostled and some even jumped over others to get to your hand. They ate the feed pellets in no time, and bleating for more. It seem to me the sheep were intentionally left hungry to amuse tourists. Furthermore due to the winter months grazing grass were not readily available. They were starved and that created excitement that amused visitors when they fought for the handouts. There were easily 300 sheep in that farm, and they congregated at this feeding area for the easy meal. Everyone of us was given a cup of feed pellets and a small plastic spatula scoop. We were supposed to put some of the feed pallets onto the scoop and shoved it towards the sheep.
            Big M and I started off feeding the sheep on the left while Mummy M and Little M on the left and Middle M in the middle. The sheep were a hungry lot, nibbling every bits of pallets from the scoop, off our palm and on the floor. There was a mad scramble by the sheep and suddenly I heard a shriek from Mummy M. A flock of sheep was at the fence near her and both her scoop and the paper cup were inside the pen. Some sheep, in the frenzy of feeding, accidently knocked them off her hand, causing it to fell into the pen and spilling all the pellets content out to the floor.   It was a hilarious scene as the sheep tried to outdo each other to get to the food. We laughed at her and I handed to her my remaining food pallets. 
            After some 30 minutes we had enough of the noise and smell and decided to head to the bus. Here are some pictures I took at Uiyaji's  sheep farm:
Location: 8, Saburang-gil, Daegwannyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang -gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea. 
Tel: +82-33-336-9812~3 
As we approached the feeding station, the sheep were ever ready to pounce on our food in hand.
While not feeding the sheep allows one to pat it and caressed its wool. Careful - it will try to nibble at your fingers. Watch out.
Big M up close and personal to a female sheep and while he feed her. Not surprising because he always like animals.
Sheep frenzy - some even tried to jump over the fence for the food in our hand! 
Little M getting ready for battle. He was the first one to finished his feeding and then running back to us to grab our share.
Mummy M also joining in the feeding. When her spatula, cup and feeds fell inside the pen, it created an even more frenzy at the feeding station.
The sheep bleating out for more -"food, food", craning out their neck through the gaps to get some feeds. 
Big M posed for the last time before we bid adieu to the sheeps.
A furry husky sheep dog nearby the farm. Little M tried to go up and pet him, but we held him back. Luckily it was all chained up.
Last stop at the souvenir shop at the entrance to Uiyaji Wind Farm Village
This plot was grown with turnip (daikon). They were ready to be harvested, Kent pulled up one up and showed it to us. 

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