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Asian Eyes' Korea - Yongin Everland

Everland Resort, Korea's  
          Day 6, 22/Nov/2012, 10.30 am: After a 2 hours journey out of Alpensia Ski Resort, we arrived at our next destination - Everland Resort. It was rather chilly and we headed straight to the restroom while waiting for our transit transportation to the Everland's entrance. Everland Resort is a theme park in Yongin, a city in Gyeonggi-do province, South Korea, just south of Seoul and it is Korea's answer to USA's Disneyland chain.  Everland is operated by Samsung Everland, which is a subsidiary of the Samsung Group. This park was formerly called "Jayeon Nongwon" which roughly means "Natural Farm". Everland is South Korea's largest theme park. Along with its main attractions, Everland also includes a zoo and a water park known as Caribbean Bay.
        Our transit bus took us to gate number 4, and Kent was there waiting for us. He must have gotten in the earlier transit bus when we were busy relieving ourselves. Once everyone had arrived, we followed him to the entrance gate where he bought tickets for all of us. We waited under an umbrella fitted with heater for warmth. Armed with a ticket each in our hand, Kent led us into Everland Resort and stopped near a tall Christmas tree at Main Street. Here he briefed us the itinerary in Everland, "first we will visit the zootopia and hop on a safari bus for a safari tour, then followed by lunch and then it is free activities until 4 pm" he said in one mouthful. "If no question, then follow my flag", he continued. With that he handed to us each a map of Everland and led us the way to the Safari World at Zootopia section.
        Since it was nearing Christmas, most decoration colors were yuletide red and green. Along the way to Zootopia we met with some Everland's mascots, but unlike those that we were most accustomed with at Disneyland or Warner Brothers. Sorry, no Mickey or Goofy, or Pluto, or Donald or Spongebob Squarepant here. We took a skyline down to Zootopia area. The skyline is just a ski lift with our feet dangling in the air. It was only a short 10 minutes lift but a nice ride with the cold air rushing through our hair as we ascending from the upper station. 
          Here are some of the pictures that I took on the way to Everland Resort and on the way down to Zootopia:

Location: Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Coordinates: 37.295632°N 127.203999°E
Along the way to Everland, we passed by many hills grown with scrawny and thin forest trees - a result of Korean war in the early 1950s when the forest was set on fire to flush out enemy that use the forest for cover.
Finally after 2 hours journey ride, we arrived at Everland's bus parking place. Brrrr, it was cold, and once there we headed straight to the loo.
Bus stop for shuttle bus to Everland full of vending machines selling drinks.  
Here comes our shuttle bus that take us up to Everland's entrance.
It was crowded in the shuttle bus, but everyone was in a happy mood.
We alighted at stop no 4. We were asked to remember it as it will be same stop for the shuttle bus when we make our exit 
The entrance to Everland - Not much different from some theme parks in USA.
A customer buying entrance ticket at the counter. Luckily for us Kent got our ticket.
Mr. & Mrs. Cheng took the opportunity to snap a picture while waiting for our entrance ticket.
One for the family album against the backdrop of Everland, Korea.
The heater from the stand help to warm us up in this chilly weather
A female gate attendant manning the entrance gate ushered us in. 
Notice board showing the park operation time, and attractions that were open or closed.
The big tree at the middle of Main Street, Everland all decorated up as one big giant Xmas tree
Little M tried to get Yogi Bear to stop so that I can take his picture. However Yogi Bear did not understand English and continued on walking away. Poor Little M.
Not sure what is the name of this mascot as I had never seen her before.
Skyline ride down to Zootopia - legs were left dangling. The ride was quite similar to a ski lift ride.
Little M at the entrance at a gift center at the end of the skyline.

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