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Asian Eyes' Korea - Bulgogi

Bulgogi - fire meat or Korean
 barbecue meat
               Day 6, 22/Nov/2012, 6.00 pm: As we concluded our visit to Yongin Everland, we continued to our next destination for our evening meal - Bulgogi dinner. It was already dark when we arrived at an unassuming building for our Bulgogi dinner. After being shown to our table, Kent and Jeff busied to get us condiments and drinks. We were seated 4 persons to a grill, with me sat with Kit and family. Soon the pork meat, free flowing style, arrived at our table and we were shown how to barbecue it on the sizzling hot plate.
          The word Bulgogi literally means "fire meat" in Korean. It refers to marinated meat, cooked using traditional grilling techniques such as gridirons or perforated dome griddles that sit on braziers, unlike deep frying or boiling in water. The term is also applied to variations such as dak bulgogi (made with chicken) or dwaeji bulgogi (made with pork), depending on what kind of meat and corresponding seasoning are used.
           The helper put the marinated pork meats onto the hotpot with a pair of tong. He turned it over and over again to ensure they were cooked, and then cut them to smaller bite size. When the meats were ready about 5 minutes later, he showed us the Korean way to eat the Bulgogi meat. First he took a green salad leaf, pasted some sauces on it and put some onion, ginger and garlic on the the leaf, and laid 2 pieces of the meat onto the salad. He wrapped the leaf into a small pouch and help to feed it to our guinea pig - Big M, in one big mouthful. Big M opened up his mouth wide, chewed on it before he gave a thumb up sign. We thank the helper and reached out for the salad and repeated what we saw just now. 
            All the food were free flow, including the marinated Bulgogi meat with Kent helping to heap bowl after bowl of meats onto our table. I believe we had, easily 6 or 7 rounds of the Bulgogi meat and when the kids asked for more rice to go with it and I simply shook my head in disbelief. We ate until we were full, but Bige M pointed to a full bowl of meat that still sat on their table. I think the meat was put there by Kit but since it was not nice to leave foods go to waste, we decided to put them onto the grill for the last time while stopping the in-flow. We managed to finish them at last, and walked out of the restaurant with additional calories that may last us for 1 week! Suffice to add that this was the best Bulgogi dinner I had ever had.
          After dinner, we were taken shopping at Doota Mall at Dongdaemun (East Gate of Old Seoul). Doota Mall, short form of Doosan Tower, is a leading fashion icon of Korean domestic brands. It had adult clothing, accessory, bags, shoes, a children wear, a brand-name clothes and a food-court. The price were a little bit on the high side if not on sale, but Mummy M did bought some sweaters and I bought a shirt.
         Here are some pictures I take during the nice Bulgogi dinner. 
Looks can be deceiving to the foods served here. It was 4 persons to a pit with spartan decoration and wooden bench and tables, but the food were
 simply marvelous.
Everyone suited down, and get set to be warm by the barbecue pit.
Marinated pork meat sizzling in the hot plate placed on top of the barbecue grill. The aroma was fragrantly yummy and our juices started to flow.
"The meat is OK now" said the helper after he cuts the meat in smaller bite size. He also taught us how to eat it Korean style by wrapping pieces of meat in a salad leaf and then fed it to Big M in one big mouthful.  
Condiments of Kimchi as well as sauces accompanied the marinated bulgogi pork. All the foods were free flow including the meat. This is a meal well worth indeed.
We grilled some onion and garlic to add to the Bulgogi fragrance

Every time the Bulgogi meats were ready to be eaten, we scooped them out onto a main plate to be shared around and then added more raw meat to be sizzled away while we enjoyed the Bulgogi meal. 

"Oops, I think we ordered too many", Big M lamented, pointing to the bowl of raw meat on the table.  All in I believe we had 6 or 7 rounds and we were really full that day. I guessed we ate so much could be due to the

cold weather or maybe the foods were  simply too good. Korea foods are great!
We put the final bowl of the Bulgogi meat onto the grill for one last round and ......
...viola, we managed to finished them all. The grill were empty but by now it looked very dirty with burnt meat stuck to the hot plate.
Picture of a hawker stall on the way to Doota Mall, a domestic brand shopping center. We were to full to try any.
At Doota Mall where Mummy M and I did buy some Korean sweater and T-Shirt.

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