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Asian Eyes' Korea - Seoul Todai

Todai, an international
restaurant chain from
USA, now had 23
branches all over
 the world.
         Day 7, 23/Nov/2012, 12.00 pm: Lunch was at Todai Restaurant at Gangnam, also the area that was made famous by PSY with his horse riding rhapsody uppity song. Todai is a seafood buffet restaurant that originated from California.  It is well known for a wide variety of seafood and especially well symbolized by meaty crab legs. It features various Sushi, rolls, sashimi, Tempura, Chinese food and deserts for a reasonable price. Kent led us to our tables and once settled down, the first thing I noticed was the sushi and sashimi selection. As a Japanese food fan. I quickly piled up my plate with sushi and sashimi or assorted kind of fish. 
          On the menu on that day - Sushi and roll Selection, Shashimi, Tempura,  Chinese fried rice, sweet sour pork, steam chicken, octopus, prawn, sweet potato, crab, Indian Curry and Nan, Italian Pasta and pizza, Korean Kimchi and other korean food. Deserts were assorted Cakes, ice cream, and cookies. Green tea cake was quite nice. Food to try are Sushi, Snow crab leg, Sashimi, King crab salad, smoke salmon and salad. The menu's are in English, so if you are allergic to anything or only eat halal dish, you can just read it up. I had a few round of foods and then finished up with a cup of coffee. Kit and his family had finished earlier and they had gone down stair for shopping. However 10 minutes later, he and his family came rushing up to our table and asked if we had seen a hand phone. Sheryl had lost her phone when she misplaced her iPhone in the toilet. Luckily for her, someone found it and handed it over to the cashier counter. Well, Korean are typically honest people.
        All in we ate a lot of food that day and were feeling a little guilty. Well, one would need to hit the gym more frequently after visiting Todai. Here are some pictures I took at Todai International Cuisine and Sushi Buffet Restaurant:
Location: 1/4F, 951-26, Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea.
Tel:           82-2-588-3624
Entrance to Todai International Seafood and Sushi Buffet Restaurant. It is clean, immaculate and great assortment of seafood, Chinese, Korean, India, Italian, Japanese and Western fare.
Cute white Todai mascot, called Todai, with it's chef hat, welcoming us into the restaurant.
I piled up on the sushi and sashimi - ebi sushi, negiri sushi, unagi sushi, salmon sushi as well as salmon sashimi and ebi. Goes well with soyu and wasabi. Time to dig in.
More salmon sashimi after the first round, and the scallops with a pinch of lemon tasted real nice.
Little M's favorite is always unagi sashimi. He took lots of it plus a sausage. Ha ha. Kid will always be kid.
I went after the Chinese cuisine next - sweet sour prawn, sliced meat and fried rice.
This one was from Mummy M plate. We noticed the Todai Restaurant in Korea uses the stainless chopstick compared to the wooden chopstick used in its other branch in other countries.
Then I went for tempura - squids, crabs, oysters, fish, prawns and pancake. The tempura pancake was nice - crispy and fragrant.
For dessert I settled for a cup of coffee, a small slice of chocolate cake and lots of fruits. The fruits - pineapple, laichee, grape and rambutan.
All the Japanese fare were served sitting on ice to ensure its freshness at all time.
Mummy M took a picture of her dessert - lemon ice cream which she described as very nice.
A big plate of cold cooked prawn waiting for its customer. It is a buffet style, so take as much as you like provided one can finished it. Yummy.
Chinese selections, always piping hot and under spotlight. Kungpao chicken, sweet sour pork, fried rice and Chow mein.
Skewered meats of many kind - chicken, duck, pork, beef and fish. 
Teriyaki and tempura selection, next to the Chinese selection. 
Empty griddle of pizza. Come to think of it now, I think I missed having the pizza there.
Indian curries anyone? There were many Indian foods at the Todai.
Beverages of many kind - soda, coffee, tea and a kind of Korea sweet drink which I hate.
Finally, an assortment of sweet and cakes for the sweet tooth after lunch. Beware for those on less sugar diet.

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