Monday, September 16, 2013

Asian Eyes' Australia Tale - Sydney Adventure

Sydney Sex
        I was on business travel to Sydney recently, and had a rare weekend off Down Under. I took the Hop On Hop Off tour of Sydney and had a wonderful time. At the first stop I alighted at Market Square to view the Harbour Bridge up close and personal.

       As I walked down the street I noticed a group of 6 to 7 teenage girl tourists, holding an iPhone, snapping photographs. As I walked up to pass them, one of the girl turned to me and said, "Sir, mind if you can help us take of a photo." "Not at all" I replied. 

     They posed on a fleet of steps in front of a cathedral just below the Harbour bridge while I get the iPhone ready. When they were ready, I said "say sex" instead of "say cheese." The picture came out very good. Everyone in the picture smile widely, some giggling and some laughing out loud. 

      Taking back her camera, the girl exclaimed "I did not see it coming. You make our day. Thank you." 

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