Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Asian Eyes' Flight Tale - Love flight

        My family and I nearly missed our flight to Hong Kong for a year-end holiday and we were unable to get seats together. While in the plane, I found out that my seat was occupied by another passenger. After some commotion, the lead air stewardess told me that there was no mistake, and thanks to a full flight, I was bumped up to business class, courtesy as a loyal member of the airline frequent flier program. I decided to let my wife took the business class seat while I took my wife's coach seat together with my 3 kids, but we were in scattered seats. She was gleaming with joy and bounded off happily to her business class after seeing that we had settled down.

      The flight was on time and touched down safely in Hong Kong. At the exit door, my wife was waiting for us and her face was still radiant. When we reached to her, she said to me  "Thank you for the drink." I was puzzled and asked her what was with that "drink" thing. Thinking that I pulled a fast one on her, she told me that when we were airborne, she wrote to me a flirtatious note: "To the man sitting in 32F, I find you attractive. Would you care to join me for an unforgettable evening?" She asked a flight attendant to deliver it. 

      A few minutes later the flight attendant returned with a cocktail. "The man in 32F was flattered," the flight stewardess said to her, "but said that he must decline my offer since he was travelling with his family." My wife was still smiling when we landed. 

      "But I didn't send you one," I replied. Little does she know when she moved away to her business class seat, I had asked some fellow passengers to swap places so that I can sat all my family members together.

I had been sitting in 42F! OMG

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