Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Asian Eyes' USA Tale - California Adventure

San Francisco's Million 
      While sight seeing in the famed San Francisco Pier 49 area, I came across a large bowl with a lone soda-can tab and a message that propped against the bowl. The message read "Please put your soda-can tabs here. My daughter's class is collecting them to see what a million of something look like". I promptly removed the tab from the Coca-Cola can I was drinking and plopped it inside the bowl. 
      When I move on, I saw another bowl next to the first with another message. The message was: "If you do not have a coda-can tab, no problem. Please put any dollar bill you can spare here. I am collecting them to see what a million of something looks like." 

Gilroy's Speed Limit      
       While passing through Gilroy town in the state of California, on the way from San Francisco to Los Angeles, I had to slow down from a 60 m.p.h speed zone to 35 m.p.h. speed zone as we entered the town area. My youngest son, who was eight-year-old son then, noticed the speed-limit sign and asked me what 35 m.p.h. meant. I explained that one cannot drive faster than 35 miles per hour. After a pause, he said, "What if you don't want to stay out for an hour". 

Carmel's Convenience Store              
      At the gas station after our visit to Monterey Aquarium, Big M filled up the car while I headed to the convenience store to get some refreshments. Inside the store I was second in a queue in the only checkout cash register that was opened. In front of me was a portly fellow who placed his beer, wine, cigars and a Penthouse magazine on the counter. As the items being rang up, the customer suddenly dropped a candy bar in front of the cashier. "I almost forgot," he said guiltily. He turned to me, grinned and said "My one vice."

San Luis Obispo's Motel
         I was in the process of planning out the nights stay along the route from San Francisco to Los Angeles. When I called a motel in San Luis Obispo city, about a night stay and asked how much they charged for a room, the clerk told me that the rates depended on the room size and number of people.

       "Maam, do you take children?" I asked. 

       "No, sir," replied the clerk. "Only cash and credit cards."

CHiP (California Highway Patrol)
    I was driving along I-5 interstate highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles when a highway patrol trooper pulled me over for speeding. Astounded as I was the lone one get caught, I asked the officer, "Out of all those speeding cars that whizzed by as fast as me, why did you pull me over?"

    "Have you ever gone fishing, sonny?" the officer asked.

    "Yes," I replied.

    "Well, have you ever caught all the fish that swims by?"

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