Friday, December 20, 2013

Asian Eyes' USA Tale - LBJ Ranch weather forecaster

        While I was in LBJ Ranch on the way to Fredericksburg last year, I noticed that it still has a ranch full of cows and there were farmers still live on the land. The farmers have a way to patronizing us tourists. While driving on the country road in LBJ Ranch, I stopped to talk to a farmer. Our conversation centred on the ability of cows in a pasture to predict the weather.

      "When the cows are standing," the farmer pointing to the brown and white cows, assured me, "it means no rain for the next 24 hours. When they are lying down, it means it is going to rain."

       "What does it mean when half the herd is standing and the rest are lying down?" I asked.

      He answered gravely, "That means that half of them are wrong!"